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How To Install EPOS Connect

Installing EPOS Connect and updating the firmware

For this update, have the Sennheiser wireless microphone docked and the USB plugged into the headset AND computer. You should see a blue light on the headset when it is connected.

If your headset doesn't have a charging base, use the USB charging cord that came with your Sennheiser and plug it into the computer.

  • Go to the EPOS Connect software page.
  • Scroll down to where it says “Download EPOS Connect software”, then select “EPOSConect_4.2.0.974.exe” to download.

  • Note: version number is subject to constant change. Just make sure you are downloading the .exe file.

  • Install EPOS using the installation wizard, then it should place an icon on the desktop that looks like a weird “E”.

  • Note: You may need to get permission from IT before installing this program, much like we do.

  • Open the EPOS Connect and on the second line, where you see an image of your Sennheiser base, click “Update.”  Allow this program to run, then reboot your computer.  After a reboot, if you open the Sennheiser Updater program again from the gray gears icon on the desktop, it will show the updated version.

  • If update button is grayed out and unclickable, click on the "Options" button on the right, then select "Check for updates". After a couple minutes EPOS Connect should find the updates for you.

  • When the update is complete, test your Sennheiser headset. It should now be working. But if not, give us a call at 800-923-0018

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