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How to Put Leitner Ear Cushions Back In (LH200/300 series headsets)

We now have a couple of different types of Leitner wireless earpads. Find out which version you have here!

Leitner wireless headset with swivel microphones

Classic Style:

1. We want to put the top piece in first. This is the part that looks like a little hook (top red circle to the right). The part it will hook into is right above the speaker

Leitner wireless headset leatherette earpad

2. Once the top portion is in, push the circle piece in. It will snap into place

leitner earpad being removed

Swivel Style

Leitner has changed the way they make their earpads, so you may have a slightly different one. The good news is that it is more simple to remove and replace.

  • Grab the ear pad so you can feel the plastic ring inside, then pull out
  • It should pop right out!
  • To put back in, line up the tabs on the ear pad with the slots on the side of the headset and press until it snaps in
    • Just follow the red and yellow lines then push it in
    Leitner wireless swivel ear pad lining up notches

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