(AT&T Marathon & it’s Lifter has been discontinued )

The AT&T lifter is different from the usual lifters. It does not lift the receiver. There is a plunger that pops down to depress the hookswitch button to end a call.

Set Up:

1) Lift the speaker side of the receiver and place it on the lifter pad.

2) Make sure the switch hook button (hang up button) gets depressed by the plunger.

3) Turn the headset on and off to ensure the switch hook is pressed/released properly.

It may take some time to find the right position for the lifter. For the lifter to work properly the switch hook must be completely released to get a call and depressed to end the call.

The ring sensor can be turned on and off on the lifter’s left side. The sensor sensitivity can be adjusted here as well.

There is an internal Ring Detector as well as an external Ring Detector. There is no need for the external if the internal sits above the speaker.

1st picture below - old lifter

2nd picture below - new lifter

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