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How to set up the handset adapter Polycom kit

What is it: The Polycom Kit is an L-shaped bar that creates a bottom cradle to the phone so that the lifter has an easier time raising and lowering the hand-held receiver

Handset Adapter Kit for Polycom IP phones (Catalog # 2188):

The Handset Adapter Kit for the Polycom phone provides an attachment that has a strip of adhesive tape (pictured at lower left). A lifter will work fine when raising the receiver, but due to the shape of the Polycom phone hanging up the receiver is where the lifter has difficulty. The Polycom phone base has nothing to catch the bottom of the receiver so it tends to hang up inconsistently. This accessory attaches to the side of the Polycom phone adding a buffer on the bottom to keep the receiver in place while raising and lowering.

Polycom lift kit set up:

1) Before removing the tape, slide the handset attachment onto the phone and position it so that the handset rests in place as shown at right.

2) Once you have determined the right position for the handset attachment peel off the tape & repeat the positioning, when located in the correct position press down lightly.

3) Adjust the lift level height to the lowest position for the best results. Confirm the position and test that the handset lifter operates properly, then press down firmly to secure it.

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