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AT&T Marathon Setup with a Partner phone

AT&T Marathon wireless headset and dial pad

AT&T MARATHON set up with a Partner phone

1) Plug power cord into the green Power port in the back of the AT&T Marathon base

2) Plug one side of the Tel Wall Jack cord into the Tell Wall Jack (port w/ red dot) in the back of the base

3)Plug the other side of the Tell Wall Jack cord into the AUX port of the phone

4) Set mode to No lifter mode on MARATHON base

5) Set compat switch to D

Fun facts:

1) With this setup, you will get remote answering without a lifter

2) You will also get a bunch of extra features like hold and transfer away from your desk if you also get a Dial Pad

If ring detection is not working:

1) Remove headset from the base

2) Make sure headset is off

3) While off, push the plus sign on the headset to increase the notification volumes

For more information on Marathons with Partner Phones, check out this article!

To answer or disconnect call: press ON/OFF button on headset

To make a call: press ON button and dial out on desk phone

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