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How to stop the Sennheiser Updater auto updates pop-ups

So, Sennheiser has a new cool thing going on with their Updater where it will pop up an “ALL HEADSETS MUST BE UPDATED! ASSIMILATE! ASSIMILATE! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!” message. Okay, so it doesn’t say that last part, but it is awfully annoying and will keep popping up and freezing the Customer’s computer a bit until they finally update the headsets. Again. Even if they’re already on the latest firmware.

We no longer want to use Sennheiser Updater to update the firmware, as it is no longer supported, so instead...

Uninstall the Sennheiser Updater!

Yup, that’s it. Just go to the Programs list in the Control Panel and uninstall that bad boy. Problem solved!

Then you will want to direct to the right place to Download EPOS Connect, if they still want to have a similar program on their computer. :)

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