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How to Tell the Difference Between Swivel and Non-Swivel Mics

Swivel or non-swivel; that is the question...

We all know that the difference between swivel and classic mics is in the name: Swivels...well, swivel.

Until recently, we thought that the new swivel mics have a different head gripper, for lack of a better term (the part that grips the side of the head, opposite the earpad). However, I have been informed that some new swivel mics have the old version, so don't use this as the only method to determine if you have a swivel mic or not!

So now, there are two ways to identify swivel vs non-swivel:

Leitner wireless swivel and original headset examples
  • Easiest way to tell: Swivel mics have a smooth action, the class style will ratchet, or "click", into different positions
  • Swivel mics have a seam right below the "L" on the headband, while non-swivel do not

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