How to turn a Telephone only wireless headset into a PC headset using the Leitner Switchbox

If a Customer wants to get a wireless headset that will connect to both their desk phone and their computer, a Leitner Wireless headset or an OfficeRunner will be a WAY better choice!

However, for those rare Customers that are stuck with their old CS50 or CS540 and can’t afford a whole new (and better!) headset system, the Leitner Switchbox can make their headset into a Telephone and Computer Headset! Cool!

How to Set It Up:

1. Set Compat on the switchbox to A.

2. Plug the yellow side of the USB cord into the yellow port on the back of the box. Plug the USB side into a USB port of a computer.

3) Plug the blue side of the RJ9 cord into the blue port in the back of the box. Plug the other side of the RJ9 cord into either the headset* jack or handset jack of your telephone.

4) Plug the connector cord for the headset into the headset base and the other end into the middle port in the back of the switchbox (under the headset icon)

5) Head to your computer’s sound settings and set the USB headset as your default in both Playback and Recording. Disable all other devices.

How It Works:

• To use the Computer Mode make sure the button is in the UP position so that you can see white.

• To use it in Telephone Mode push the button DOWN so that it’s all black.

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