How to UNIBASE on the Leitner OfficeAlly 300 series headsets

We can Unibase to conference any 2 of the 3 modes.

We can NOT conference all 3 modes together.

Different conference modes:

- Computer & Phone

- Computer & Bluetooth

- Bluetooth & Phone

Unibase: We want to start with our headset turned on and select the first mode. Then we need to do is hold the 2nd mode down until the light on that mode goes solid

- There will now be a solid white light on 2 modes.

To Un-Unibase: All we need to do is click on mode we wish to stay on once and the solid light will disappear from the other mode.

**PLEASE NOTE that it often takes a few seconds for the headset to register when getting out of conference mode. There may be a few seconds of sudden silence when switching out of conference mode.