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How to wear your Leitner

Right Ear? Left ear?

Despite the "L" written on the side of some of our headsets, they can be worn on the left or right ear (the L stands for Leitner, in case you are wondering). This article describes how to switch back and forth, but not with words; with videos!

Leitner OfficeHero LH240 Orientation

Leitner OfficeHero LH245 Orientation

Leitner OfficeAlly LH270 and LH370 Orientation

Leitner OfficeAlly LH280 and LH380 Orientation

Not represented in video (yet):

Leitner OfficeHero LH275:

Luckily, this one covers both ears already, but if you prefer to use a certain hand to turn it on and off, you can follow the video for the LH245, as it is the same exact process.

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