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I Can't Answer Call Waiting Calls With my Chattaway. I can Hear the Beep, but the Flash Button Doesn't Work. What Can I do?

The Flash feature has to be timed right depending on your phone service. On the back of the Chattaway base, there are 3 settings (1, 2, 3). Setting 1 is a quicker Flash switch than Setting 3.

To test:

1) Have the Customer set the Flash feature to Setting 3 (works best in most cases) on the Chattaway base.

2) Place the Customer on hold, then call them to get their call waiting to engage.

3) If they push the Flash button and it still doesn’t switch over, hang up, and go back to the original call.

4) Have them switch to Setting 2…so on, and so forth. We’ve found Setting 3 to work the best, but it all depends on how their Call Waiting is set up.

Note: Changing the Flash setting while Call Waiting is coming in will not work. You must hang up and call again with the Flash setting set ahead of time to test Call Waiting.

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