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I Hear Delays Between Notes Listening to Music on my Pulsar Headset. What Should I do? (DISCONTINUED)


This can occur when the 590A analog adapter interprets very soft musical tones as breaks in the music. The result is that the listener will hear brief gaps in the song.

This is a limitation of transferring digital media via the analog port on a PC; it is not a problem with the adapter. If using a Bluetooth enabled device with A2DP or a 3rd party dongle adapter with A2DP, the problem should not occur.


Double click on the speaker icon in your computer's system tray (near the clock on your desktop). Set your Volume Control and Wave settings to high by using your mouse to move up the volume bar.

You will also want to turn up the volume in your music player (WinAmp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, ect...). Then use the Pulsar headset to adjust your volume, rather than the computer.

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