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If a Customer has a Hearing Aid with a Telecoil (T-Coil) and Would like a Headset These are Their Options

We now carry a special headset by Sennheiser for this very purpose: the SC 660 TC (coming soon). Made with T-Coil hearing aids in mind, this works directly with T-Coil technology! It has a QD end that can work with any Sennheiser QD cord!

Office Phones –

Any corded Sennheiser corded headset with the Sennheiser Corded Headset Amplifier will work. Sennheiser headsets are hearing aid compliant. However, because hearing loss in individuals vary, so can the sound results on any headset system. It’s best to set this expectation with these Customers.

If a Customer would like a headset other than the Sennheiser or Plantronics corded headsets with amplifier, then refer them to or to consult their Audiologist for a recommendation.

The Marathon is also listed as Hearing Aid T-Coil compatible and will reduce noise and interference.

Mobile Phone –

Any corded Plantronics mobile headset will work great! If the Customer has a Behind the Ear hearing aid then the M175C (DISCONTINUED!) models fits the best because they have a headband that won’t physically interfere with the hearing aid.

Bluetooth enabled Mobile Phone-

Most new hearing aids have the ability to be used with a device called a “streamer.” This will stream the audio from the phone via bluetooth to their hearing aids. We do not carry any sort of streamer device.

*If a Customer has a hearing aid WITHOUT a telecoil (T-coil) then….

Any of the headsets recommended above MAY work. However, without a telecoil, there may be a tendency for the hearing aid to have some feedback when the headset is turned on.

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