Is the AW-54 Meant for Use on a Partner Phone (DISCONTINUED)?

AWH-54 Discontinued - recommend Marathon Partner

Plantronics AWH-54 Wireless Headset System for Partner Phones

The AWH-54 is a Plantronics headset specially designed to eliminate interference when used with a Partner phone. It will plug in the same way a CS50/55 would normally plug into any phone without the headset jack. So the AWH-54 base would go into the receiver port and the handset would go into the front of the base under where it says Avaya in red.

Special Note:

Sometimes Partner phone users get the AWH-54 and plug it into the AUX jack and it appears that when they activate it you can hear them in the headset but the incoming/outgoing volume is very distant. This is typically because it’s incorrectly plugged into AUX instead of the handset jack so if someone calls with these issues on the AWH-54 first make sure to check where things are plugging in. On most Partner phones the AUX jack is on the bottom of the phone and the handset port is on the left side of the phone.

AWH-54 vs. AWH-55

Questions have been raised of the differences between the AWH-54 and AWH-55

If a Customer is using the AWH-54 or AWH-55 with a Partner phone they will still need the HL10 to answer and end calls remotely.

The AWH-55 is designed for use with specific hook switch compatible Avaya/Lucent/AT&T/ Definity phone models.

(2410, 2420, 4610, 4610sw, 4620, 4620sw, 4630, 4630sw, 6416D+M, & 6424D+M).

AWH-55 has a built in electronic EHS that allows Customers to remote answer and end calls without a lifter.