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Is the Battery Replaceable in the Jabra Engage 75?

Yes, it is possible to replace this battery!

Much like our OfficeRunner and DW Pro headsets, the battery can be replaced, but it ain't easy. But here is a brief description (photos coming soon)

How to replace the battery:

  • Remove the earpad by just pulling on it until it pops out
  • Under the earpad, on the side, there is a little tab with a tiny '1' on it. Push this in and rotate the speaker clockwise slightly. After a couple millimeters, you will be able to pull one side of the speaker up on a hinge
    Jabra Engage 75 battery removal steps in pictures
  • Next, press in on the '2' tab at the bottom of the headset and pull up, then pull out. The last picture below is what it looks like without the battery in
    Jabra Engage 75 battery removal steps in pictures part 2
  • Put in the new battery (or the same one, whatever) by doing the opposite.
  • In fact, just do the opposite of everything to get the battery back in and all the doors closed
  • As for the earpad, you can just snap it back in, but it has to be facing the right way, with the arrows pointing up towards the headband/top of the headset
    Jabra engage 75 inside the battery compartment

And that is how it is done!

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