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Is the Jawbone Icon A2DP Compatible?

YES.... but you have to load some software.

A2DP allows you to listen to music and podcasts, or even hear turn-by-turn directions through your Jawbone ICON. To load A2DP to your Jawbone ICON headset, go to

After synching your headset with new Jawbone software, you may need to re-pair your Jawbone with your phone. Re-pairing ensures that your phone knows which capabilities or “services” your Jawbone is offering.

Here are 4 easy steps to get re-paired:

1. Delete your Jawbone ICON from your phone’s pairing list. Go into your phone’s Bluetooth menu and find your Jawbone ICON. Note that if you re-named your headset using MyTALK, your headset may fall under the name you assigned. Use your phone’s Bluetooth menu to remove the Jawbone ICON from the pairing list.

2. Put your Jawbone into Pairing Mode. If you just loaded new software onto your Jawbone ICON, your headset should immediately go into pairing mode when you switch it on. (You'll know it’s in pairing mode if the LED flashes red and white).

In some situations, you may have to activate pairing mode manually. To do this, turn your headset off, hold down the TALK button, then slide the power switch on with the TALK button still depressed. Once the LED starts blinking red and white, you can let go and you will be in pairing mode.

3. Now “Search for” or “Add” your Jawbone ICON to your phone. Make sure your phone is looking for Bluetooth devices.

4. Select your Jawbone ICON on your phone. If prompted to enter a passkey, please type ‘0000’.

Once you have paired, you should be able to connect and start using your headset’s new functions with your phone.

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