Is there a better eartip for the Leitner LH280?

Leitner LH80s used to have a strange rubber ring as their eartips, but have since been upgraded to the round-ish ones we know of today. If someone has the old style and would like the new ones,here’s how to change them:

Step 1: Pull off Leitner earbud.

Step 2: Unscrew Leitner speaker thingie (that’s a technical term).

Step 3: Replace the Leitner speaker thingie with the Plantronics gel speaker thingie!

These are included with every new LH280 purchase! And we even sent them to Customers who have already bought an LH280 so they didn’t miss out on comfort. SWEET!

Product Code: LTR/EARTIPS/LH280

Catalog Code: 2411