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Is There a Reset for the 9350?

1) Turn the headset OFF, and place the headset in the charging base.

2) Unplug the DCA from the bottom of the base unit (you’ll have to remove the rounded silver cover, which pops up to show the LCD display, compat switch and plug ports).

3) Remove the headset from the base and slide the battery off of the speaker/mic piece. To separate the two pieces, simply remove the ear loop / headband and then, with the mic pointing downward, press down on the top of the speaker and it will slide off. Let it sit out for a few seconds.

4) Put the battery back in

5) Place the headset on the charger like it is charging (still leave the DCA unplugged)

6) Allow 5-10 seconds to pass and then plug the DCA back in

7) Take the headset off the charger and see if it works. If it does not, allow it to charge for 1 1/2 hours and try to use it again.

NOTE - This info should apply to all GN 9300 series headsets!

Right - The 9350 in all its glory.


11- Base Cover

12- Headset charge facility

13- Clear Dial Tone Switch

14- LCD Display

15- Telephone Cord Port

16- Handset Port

17- A/C Power Adapter Port

18- USB Port

19- Online Indicator Port (Marked: OUI)

20- AUX port

21- Pairing Button

22- LCD Display Control

23- Charge Tower

24- USB Mode Button (with indicator)

25- Mute Indicator

26- Battery Indicator (4 lights)

27- Telephone mode button (with indicator)

28- A/C Power Cord

29- USB Connect Connector Cord

30- Telephone Cord

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