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Is There a Reset for the Aliph Jawbone 2? (Basic info on Jawbone and Quick Start Guide)

Jawbone basics

• Charge the headset for 50 minutes using the included DCA / USB charger before using

• The headset will go into pairing mode automatically the first time it turns on (indicated by red and white flashing

light on the talk button area

• To place the headset into pairing mode after the first time its powered on: hold the “Talk” and

“Noise Assassin” buttons together until the light starts alternating red then white.

• Jawbone’s patented Noise Assassin requires that the Voice Activity Sensor be touching your face. If the VAS

isn’t touching your cheek, the headset will not work properly.

In the box

• In the box: 3 different size earloops (headset comes standard w/size medium attached, small and large in the


• 3 different size earbuds (headset comes standard w/size medium attached, small and large in the box)

• AC / USB charger


• Turn the Jawbone headset ON or OFF by pressing the “Talk” button for 2 seconds.

• To answer or end a call, press the “Talk” button

• To reject a call, press the “Noise Assassin” button while the phone is ringing

• To change the volume during a call, press the “Noise Assassin” to cycle through the multiple volume levels

• To turn the “Noise Assassin” off or back on during a call, press the “Noise Assassin” button for two seconds. The “Noise Assassin” is always ON by default.

• To initiate voice dialing, press the “Noise Assassin” button for two seconds in standby mode (not on a call) and

then speak a command

• To redial the last number called, triple tap the Noise Assassin button

• To turn off the LED light, press the “Talk” button 5 times while in standby mode

• To answer an incoming call while on a call (call waiting), press the “Talk” button

Resetting the jawbone

• Press and hold down the “Talk” button on the Jawbone.

• Connect the jawbone to the USB charger cable (the cable needs to be plugged into an active USB port or to the

wall charger unit)

• Release the talk button – the LED indicator should glow red if the reset is successful

• Disconnect from the charger cable


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