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Is There a Reset for the Marathon? Fading Sound



Yes and No.

Unlike the other brands of headsets, there is no specific reset guide for the Marathon. That said, the headset seems to respond well to a battery reset.

○ Remove the power cable and then remove the battery from the headset.

To remove the battery, first remove the earloop or headband, then squeeze the sides of the battery door to get it to open. Remove the whole door, then gently pull the red and black cords to get the battery to unplug.

○ Wait a moment then reconnect the battery and replace the battery door.

Pay attention to the red and black cords. Make sure they match the red and black sticker on the headset.

○ Put the headset back in the base

○ Reconnect the power cable to the base.

○ Let the headset charge for 3 hours!

Set up a PS Call for the Customer!

This MAY help with sound that fades in and out BUT if they have the fading sound on a Nortel phone it is likely a compat issue and not fixable.

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