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Is there a Savi W740 replacement battery?

There is a replacement battery available for the Savi W740.

Plantronics W740 replacement battery

Here are the details:

Catalog Number: 2081

Part Number: 84598-01

Product Code: PTR/SAVIW740/BATTERY

This battery is NOT the same as the replacement battery for the CS540.

While you CAN use a CS540 headset with a W740 Savi, the headset the W740 comes with is NOT the same as the CS540, it is actually a CS545XD headset, which has a hot swap battery*. The battery for this model slides all the way off, instead of plugging in under a battery door.

SO, if the Customer has a headset that has a battery door and a plug-in battery, they need the CS540 battery. If they have a battery that slides all the way off the back of the headset, they need the Savi W740 battery.

Thank you for your cooperation.

*For all you awesome nerds that need to know what a hot swap battery is, here you go:

A hot-swap battery refers to a battery product that can be safely removed and inserted onto a product without shutting it down. This is a useful feature for folks that need uninterrupted service, such as emergency services that never close. Rather than having to stop for a battery recharge, they can simply put a fresh battery right onto the device. PLEASE NOTE, we DO NOT carry the CS545XD which has this capability and comes with an extra battery charger and 2nd hot swap battery... but we can probably special order it!

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