Is there a Training/Conference mode for my Marathon?*

(Marathon Discontinued)

Why yes, indeed, there is! It’s pretty easy!

You take your 2nd Headset and de-register it from its base:


  1. Disconnect either the tel wall jack cord, or the base jack cord from charger base.
  2. Press and Hold the PAIR button until the Mute light on the base blinks
  3. Immediately release the pair button, press the PAIR button and release again while Mute is still flashing.
  4. ON/OFF on the headset button will turn orange and blue.

If the headset is still only blue, de-registration has failed.

Then, take it over to your Primary Headset.


  1. Disconnect the Primary Headset’s Base Jack or Tel Wall Jack cord.
  2. Place the 2nd Headset in the Primary base for 10 seconds.
  3. Remove the 2nd Headset from the Primary base, then press and hold the PAIR button until the MUTE light on the Primary Base comes on.
  4. As soon as the MUTE light comes on, release the PAIR button and return the 2nd Headset to the Primary base.
  5. The 2nd Headset will turn orange when it is registered.
  6. Plug the Base Jack or Tel Wall Jack cord back in.

*If the 2nd Headset flashes orange and blue, registration failed.

*You can tell your Primary headset from your 2nd Headset because the Primary headset’s on/off light is blue and the 2nd Headset’s on/off light is orange!

To get out of this mode, de-register the 2nd headset from the Primary base, and register it to its home base again!