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Is There an Accessory that Makes the HL10 Work on RCA Executive Series Phones?

The RCA Executive Series (pictured at right) is an example of a phone where an HL10 or the older HL1 can lift the receiver easily but has difficulty hanging it back up. Sometimes it will slip right off of the phone, while other times it will bobble down and not quite hang up properly. This is due in part to the bottom of the RCA phone which has a very small buffer to hold the receiver in place when it raises and lowers.

Important Part Numbers:

- HL10 Ring Detector Kit (P/N 71483-04)

- HL10 Tape (P/N 61578-01)

 Using the smaller HL10 lifter with the HL10 Ring Detector Kit.

First, attach the Extender Bar onto the HL10 and adjust the rubber stoppers to hold the receiver in place. Second, attach the Hookswitch extension (a) to the hook button on the phone which will allow the receiver to properly open or disconnect calls.


 Using the old style large platform HL1 lifter with the HL10 Ring Detector Kit (see attachment).

By using the Hookswitch extension (a) you can adapt it with the addition of HL10 tape (b) to create a buffer on the bottom of the RCA phone. This will hold the receiver in one place as it raises and lowers. Attach the HL10 tape underneath the receiver port to create an even, sticky surface so that the extension (a) can be placed right onto the tape which will create the receiver buffer.

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