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Is there an EHS that will work with the NEC DT730 for Sennheiser wireless headsets?


FOR NEC DT730IP phones (ITL-8LD-1P, ITL-12D-1P, ITL-24D-1P, ITL-32D-1P)  

By combining the Dectel Jabra cable adapter (SH1492-52) and the Jabra Link cable (14201-31)

you can get call control on the NEC DT730 phone with a Sennheiser Wireless system.


Phone system must be on european SIP servers only.

N-SIP on the SV platforms is presently NOT EHS supported    

Phone system must be running rev 2.0 OR LATER.

Must have Administrative permissions to access Menu.


1. Press “Menu”.

2. Select 4, AdminSettings > Maintenence

>Connector Mode > select Jabra Headset

Kit, press OK > press Exit > press Yes restart


3. Press “Menu” > select 3, User Settings >

Headset > select 1, Enable > press OK to

save setting.

4. Press “Menu” > select 3, User Settings >

select ringing. Choose which ringing you

require 1. Phone, 2. Headset, 3 Phone and

Headset > press OK to save setting.

5. Connect Jabra EHS Adapter 14201-31 to

the side 2. port on the back of the phone. Connect cord to AUX port of headset base. Other end connects into the phone using port adapter plate and cord.

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