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Is There an Extension Cord for My Busy Light?

That depends on which part you’re trying to extend...

For the Lamp

There is definitely an extension cord for the Plantronics Online Indicator Light. It’s a misc item: P/N 46429-01 the Plantronics Online Indicator Extension Cord. But check with shipping before making promises!

Does this work on other lamps? Who knows?! For now, let’s say “Not sure,” when we’ve done some testing, we’ll update this article. (Always be testing!)

For the Power Cable

Regular AC/DC power cords can be plugged into regular ‘ole extension cords. USB cords can also be plugged into extension cords... but it would probably be easier to get them a USB to AC/DC adaptor and then use a normal extension cord. This is shown in Photo 1. You probably have these somewhere in your tool drawer or garage at home.

For the Telephone Cord

Yes! We can direct our Customers to Catalog # 1211! (DISCONTINUED! We may be able to special order this but no guarantees!) They can plug the telephone cord that comes with their Busy Light into the box side of the S12 extension cord. Then the RJ9 telephone jack side goes into the phone. Now they have 10 extra feet of space! Woop Woop! This cord is shown in Photo 2.

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