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Is There Anything I Can Use to Clear the Humming/Buzzing Sound on my Headset?

Plantronics RF Filter (P/N 70584-01) This item is now discontinued!

On occasion certain combinations of headset systems and phone models will have RF (Radio Frequency) interference on the line whether it’s on the handset, headset, or both. This “noise” may be either a solid or a pulsating buzz and can occur some of the time, all the time, or sometimes even sporadically. In most cases using one or two RF Filters will clear this up. The RF Filter will literally sift out the radio frequency interference leaving their headset and/or handset with clearer sound quality.

Special Note: You may literally hear a radio station on your headset. If this occurs and adjusting the compatibility settings on the headset does not seem to help, an RF Filter would be recommended. Sometimes along with adding an RF Filter a compatibility setting adjustment will be needed to find the right combination in order to remove the radio station interference.

Pictured at right are two of the different setups of the RF Filter:

(1) Attached to the curly cord of the receiver

(2) Attached to the cord that goes from the headset system to the phone.

Both are shown (pictured at right) on a wireless system but would also hold true for the connections on a corded system.

In addition:

(A) Try moving the base of the unit as far way from the phone as possible and see if this changes or removes the buzz. If the buzz is still there a recommended solution would be to double up on the filters and have one filter on each end of the cord (in other words “book end” the cord).

(B) If there is still a buzz the most likely cause of this interference is environmental. The source of the interference may be in the office or somewhere in the office building. The different causes range from building structure to other wireless-related systems in the area. If moving the base of the unit made no difference, then try the system on a different phone in the office. If this solves it, then it’s an issue within the office. If not, then it’s most likely an environmental issue around the building and the next recommended course of action would be to try another system such as a CS55 instead of a CS50 or a GN Netcom corded system rather than a Plantronics corded system.


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