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I've let a ChromeBook into my life, what headsets can I use?

If you’re using a Chromebook, then there are a few headsets that should work:

Google ChromeBook with wireless headset
  1. Anything USB or 3.5 mm. Plug-in corded headsets are going to be your very best bet. In fact, anything else is a gamble.
  2. Bluetooth. Most Chromebooks have Bluetooth built in tha
    t’s fairly good.

DECT headsets are not a great choice with this (OfficeRunner, Leitner LH270, etc.). They will work, but they won’t get very loud and there’s no way to really adjust the sound properly in Chromebooks because...

You can't download anything that isn't a Chrome app.

Yes, that is the main drawback to Chromebooks. They run Google Chrome O/S which is built for surfing the internet and not much else. So, if you need to download a good sound driver or... heck even Acrobat or Photoshop, you can’t! Bummer.

So, if your OfficeRunner has issues, you can’t download anything from Sennheiser. If your Leitner sounds poor, you can’t download any sound drivers you may be missing.

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