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Jabra 9450 Wireless Headset Troubleshooting FAQ Guide

Note: We do not currently carry this headset, so we do not have much information on it outside the scope of this article.

  • Answer: Unfortunately, we don’t recommend it. The Jabra 9450 Pro needs a tiny screwdriver to get at the battery. We don’t recommend a battery reset for these headsets, as it is very difficult to get into the headset. If you see that the headset is a few years old (2+, although Jabra says officially the battery lasts about 3 years), then you may need a Jabra 9450 Battery Replacement Kit.  We don't carry this item, but it can be found in various places online. The battery kit will come with the necessary small screwdriver. DO NOT get a Jabra 9120 Battery Kit! This is the wrong battery!

Question: The desk phone/softphone state icon is grayed out on the base keypad. What does this mean?

  • Answer: The phone is not the current target, or the phone is unplugged.

Question: I am using my headset with my computer and it will not stay in PC mode, what do I do?

  • Answer: If your Jabra 9450 won't stay in computer mode, hold PC button down for 6 seconds so that way it will remain active while you use it.

Question: How do I pair my headset with the Jabra PRO 9450 base?

  • Answer: Dock the headset with the base to initiate pairing. Pairing should occur automatically if there are no connection errors.

Question: Is it possible to dock my headset on another base from the Jabra PRO 9400 series?

  • Answer: Yes. The headset can be docked with any Jabra PRO 9400 series base.

Question: Can I pair my headset directly with a third-party DECT phone?

  • Answer: No. The headset can only be paired with a Jabra PRO 9400 series base.

Question: Why doesn’t my computer detect the Jabra PRO 9450 base?

  • Answer: Try connecting the base to another USB port on the PC. It is recommended to have a direct connection between the base and USB port (without a USB hub).

Question: Why doesn’t my Jabra work with my desk phone/softphone?

  • Answer: Check the following:
  1. Ensure the headset battery is charged. The keypad battery icon will be green when charging, or yellow when charged.
  2. Ensure the headset is in range of the base, which is up to 490 feet (150 meters), depending on the environment and/or geometry of the space.
  3. Ensure the headset and base are paired. Dock the headset to initiate pairing.

Question: Why does nothing happen when I try to use my desk phone?

  • Answer: Check the following:
  1. Ensure the base is powered on.
  2. Ensure desk phone is the current target. The keypad desk phone icon will be white.
  3. Ensure there is an audio connection between desk phone and base.
  4. Tap the keypad desk phone button to establish an audio connection.
  5. Ensure there is a dial tone. Lift the desk phone handset, or press the headset button on the desk phone, to get a dial tone.
  6. Re-run the desk phone section of the Interactive Setup Wizard.

If you want to start over, check out the desk phone setup article!

Question: Why do I hear a low noise in the headset when there is silence at the other end?

  • Answer: The headset speaker volume might be too high. To decrease the volume, slide your finger down the headset touch panel.

Question: How come the person on the other end cannot hear me when I am talking using my desk phone?

  • Answer: The clear dial tone or microphone volume settings might be incorrectly set. Re-run the desk phone section of the Interactive Setup Wizard, or read Section 3 of this manual.

Question: Why am I getting a buzzing sound in my headset?

  • Answer: Assuming the device has been set up correctly, the phone may not be fully immune to the radio signals the headset uses. To overcome this problem, move the headset base at least 30 cm away from the phone. Alternatively, reduce the wireless range of your unit.

Question: Why can’t I hear any sound or listen to music from my PC in my headset?

  • Answer: Check the following
  1. Ensure the Jabra PRO 9450 is set as the current audio device in the Windows sound control panel, and in your softphone software.
  2. Ensure the audio link to your PC is active. Right-click the Jabra Device icon in the Windows taskbar, and select Open Audio Link.

Question: When I try to make a call on my desk phone, the GN1000 RHL lifts, but the call is not connected.

  • Answer: Ensure the base is connected to the desk phone handset port, and not the desk phone headset port. The GN1000 cannot be used in conjunction with a headset port.

Question: Is it possible to automate calling and answering on my desk phone without using a handset lifter? (DISCONTINUED!)

  • Answer: Yes, if the desk phone has an electronic hook switch feature. Check your supplier for compatibility with your phone, and/or consult the support area at

Question: Is it possible to set up an automatic dial tone for my softphone when I undock my headset?

  • Answer: Yes, the Jabra PRO 9450 can be configured to automatically get a dial tone on the target desk phone or softphone when the headset is undocked. Automatic dial tones are configured independently for desk phones and softphones. Desk phones are default-enabled, and softphones are default-disabled.
  1. Launch Jabra Control Center, and select the ´Desk phone´ tab.
  2. Select/deselect the ´Open link when headset is undocked´ setting, and then click Apply.

Question: Why does my desk phone’s electronic hookswitch not work with my headset?

  • Answer: Please check your specific desk phone documentation for compatibility and configuration settings.

Alternatively, you can visit the Jabra 9450 product page to check.

Question: Is it possible to listen in on calls with the Jabra PRO 9450?

  • Answer: The risk of unauthorized access is limited. The Jabra PRO 9450 uses 64-bit encryption.

Question: What is the range on the Jabra PRO 9450?

  • Answer: Jabra PRO 9450 supports a maximum range of up to 150m (base to headset). Range varies according to the environment in which the headset is used.

Question: Can I make a conference call using multiple headsets?

  • Answer: Yes, the Jabra PRO base is able to pair with four headsets in total: one primary and three secondary headsets.

Check out this article to get full instructions on how to enter conference mode!

Question: Can I turn the headset off to save power when I’m away from the base?

  • Answer: Yes. Press and hold the headset multi-function button for five seconds to power the headset off. To power the headset up again, dock the headset with the base, or press the multi-function button.

Question: What is the talk time for a Jabra PRO 9450 headset?

  • Answer: Approximately 8 hours for wideband talk, and approximately 10 hours for narrowband talk.

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