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Jabra Engage 75 Wireless Headset Basic Functions

If you find yourself asking "How do I use my Jabra Engage 75?" then this is the article for you!

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jabra engage 75 wireless headset

Turning headset on/off:

It's as easy as pressing the silver circle at the base of the microphone where it connects to the headset! Pressing that button again will turn the headset off.

Adjusting volume:

Speaker volume: When the headset is on, press the bump on the circle above where the microphone is connected to increase your listening volume. To lower it, press the bump under the microphone.

Microphone volume: Press the menu soft button on the base (looks like 3 horizontal lines, lowest one a little pointed). It will say "Desk phone microphone" with a bar below. To increase, press the plus button to the right, and to decrease, the minus button to the left.

Mute microphone: Press the button located underneath the microphone tip, and the headset voice will tell you the microphone is muted. You can also see a mute icon on the base.

Note: If wearing the Jabra wireless headset so that the microphone is on your left side, the mute button will be above the microphone tip.

Pairing a new microphone to the charging base:

Click here for full instructions

Docking: Just putting the headset into the charger should pair it, but there are other ways as well!

Pair without docking: Press the menu button under the screen until it says "Add headset". Scroll to the right using the plus button until it says "pair without docking" then hit the checkmark. While it goes into pairing mode, press and hold the call button on the headset (silver circle at base of microphone) until a voice says "pairing", then let go.

Time For A New Headset?

Many Jabra Customers have upgraded to the Leitner LH370.

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