Jabra Engage 75 pairing new mic

How to pair/re-sync Jabra Engage 75 mic

There are a couple of ways to do this, which are outlined below

Pair by docking:

  • Simply put headset in the charger and it should automatically pair. Easy as that!

Pair without docking:

  • Pick up headset and hold on/off button (silver circle where the mic meets the earpad). If voice says "power off", then let go, and press and hold again.
  • Headset will say "Power on", but keep holding for a few more seconds. Let go when light on headset begins flashing blue
  • Press menu button on headset base and navigate down until it says "Add headset"
  • Press + button until "Pair without docking" is centered, then press check button
  • Once base says "Primary headset paired" the process has been completed!