Jabra Engage 75 setup with computer

Jabra Engage 75 (Mono) setup with PC

  • Plug power into back of headset base, then other end into a wall outlet or surge protector
  • Plug provided USB cord into the back of the headset base. There are two places to plug the USB cord, but we want the left one, directly to the right of the middle phone port. It should be labeled with "PC"
  • Plug the bigger end of the USB into your computer, which should automatically install the drivers
  • Set this headset as default device by right-clicking on the speaker in the bottom right corner of the screen and selecting "open sound settings". From there you can set Jabra as default for both input and output

How to use headset in PC:

For listening, you can just pick the headset up and put it on. If you play Youtube and open up anything that makes sound, it will go into the headset automatically. Of course, this can only happen if the headset is set up properly.