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Jabra Engage 75 Setup with EHS Cable

I have added an EHS (Electronic hookswitch), how do I set it up with Jabra?

Phone is already set up, but now you have a fancy new EHS cable! Let's get that added in!

Note: We do not currently carry Jabra headsets. Thus, we do not know much about these headsets beyond what is mentioned in these articles. Sorry about that!

  • Press and hold the menu button under the screen until “Advanced Menu” pops up
  • Hit the + button until “Desk phone” is centered, then hit the checkmark button
  • Hit “Yes” under “Start setup” à “Connect to Desk phone” ON, then tap menu button once
  • “Select EHS adapter should be at the top, hit + until “DHSG” is centered, then hit the checkmark button

Some phones require some settings to be changed, but this is the meat of it!

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