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Jabra Engage 75 Wireless Headset: Pairing New Mic

Let's perform a resync

There are a couple of ways to change or add a new microphone!

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Jabra Engage 75 headset button functions

Need other help with your Jabra Engage 75?

Pairing by docking:

  • Simply put the Jabra headset in the charger and it should automatically pair. Easy as that!

Pair without docking:

  • Pick up the microphone and hold the call button (silver circle where the mic meets the earpad). If voice says "power off", then let go, and press and hold again
  • Voice in headset will say "Power on", but keep holding for a few more seconds. Let go when the light on the Jabra Engage 75 headset begins flashing blue
  • Press menu button on headset base and navigate down until it says "Add headset"
  • Press + button until "Pair without docking" is centered, then press the check button
  • Once the base says "Primary headset paired" the process has been completed

Time For A New Headset?

Many Jabra Customers have upgraded to the Leitner LH370.

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