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Jabra GN 9330 / 9350 lights and indicators

Products Discontinued

Base visual indicators

Telephone mode button’s indicator/ Lit when in telephone mode and flashing when linked up

Base talk button

USB mode button’s indicator/ Lit when in USB mode and flashing when linked up

Base talk button

Mute functionality indicator (red) Lit when mute is activated

Battery indicator (4 green diodes) 1 indicator light = 25% of a full charge

4 indicator lights = 100% full charge

Right-most lit diode flashes when charging, left-most diodes are lit

Left-most diode flashes when <30 minutes of talk time remaining

When headset placed in cradle for charging, all diodes light for 1 second

Battery indicator (charge cradle for Lit when charging, green diode

additional battery, accessory)

Headset visual indicators

Link indicator (blue) Flashing when linked up

Lit for 2 seconds Successful pairing, including adding headsets in conference mode

Lit (during adjustment) Receive volume reorientation (+/-) is being adjusted

Flashing rapidly Headset in DECT/GAP mode

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