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Jabra GN 9330/9350 Lights and Indicators

Jabra GN 9330 lights and indicators

As with all other headsets, the lights and indicators on your Jabra headset have meanings. You don't automatically speak the same language, so here is a language dictionary, of sorts!

Base visual indicators

Telephone mode button’s indicator: Lit when in telephone mode and flashing when linked up

USB mode button’s indicator: Lit when in USB mode and flashing when linked up

Mute functionality indicator (red): Lit when mute is activated

Battery indicator (4 green diodes)

  • 1 indicator light = 25% of a full charge
  • 4 indicator lights = 100% full charge
  • Right-most lit diode flashes when charging, left-most diodes are lit
  • Left-most diode flashes when <30 minutes of talk time remaining
  • When headset placed in cradle for charging, all diodes light for 1 second

Battery indicator (charge cradle for additional battery): Lit green when charging

Headset visual indicators

Link indicator (blue): Flashing when linked up

Lit for 2 seconds: Successful pairing, including adding headsets in conference mode

Lit (during adjustment): Receive volume reorientation (+/-) is being adjusted

Flashing rapidly: Headset in DECT/GAP mode

Time for a new headset?

Many Jabra Headset users have switched to the Leitner LH270!

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