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Leitner Compat Unknown?

So, you’ve looked up a phone and the corded compat for Leitner says:


Here’s what it means.

1) If the you have an RJ9 sized HEADSET jack AND a Headset Button, then they should try the Leitner Quick Disconnect Cord! You should make a few test calls to figure out what compat combo in the cord is best for your phone. If you've tried all the compat and it still isn’t working or doesn’t sound good, then head to Step 2.

2) If you do NOT have an RJ9 sized Headset Jack AND a Headset Button, OR if they have both of these but it still isn’t sound great, then you will need an amplifier! The good news is that Leitner corded headsets works with every brand of amp that we carry!

See THIS ARTICLE foe more info on Leitner corded headsets and amps!

In ALL cases, we GUARANTEE COMPATIBILITY so that if it doesn’t work properly, we will make sure you get something that does!

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