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Leitner corded cell phone adapter - testing results

We have released a new product which can turn our Leitner OfficeHero 2.5mm QD cord to a 3.5mm plug to go into a cell phone - FINALLY!

Briefly, this adapter allows our corded Leitner headsets (OfficeHero) into cell phone headphone jacks (may need an adapter).

Check out full article here. Catalog Code: 1318

Leitner Corded:

After testing we found that the adapter works great between iPhone and Android devices on Leitner headsets. The only issue we ran into was when phones used certain phone cases. It is possible for the case to prevent the cord from plugging all the way in, depending on its design.

The only solution we can think of is to change the case, or simply remove it. We don't yet know how prevalent cases like this are, but it is something to keep in mind.

Executive Pro

Tested with executive pro 2.5mm and the audio quality was not good at all.  We do not want to recommend this adapter for the Executive Pro 3.5mm adapter, but it will technically work if someone orders it on their own.

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