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Leitner EHS for Grandstream and Ooma Phones

We have added another member of the family, the Leitner EHS for Grandstream and Ooma phones! You will no longer need a lifter with your Leitner wireless headset to get remote answering, so have fun!

Leitner EHS for Ooma and Grandstream phones for remote answering

Settings for Grandstream and Ooma Phones (2600 series)

If you don't like videos, here are the written instructions

  • Grab the EHS cable and plug the small connector on the Y-cord into the green phone port in back of headset base (second from the right)
  • Plug the larger plug (RJ45) into the AUX jack in back of the headset base
  • Take the final end and plug it into the headset jack in the back of your phone
  • Go to the menu button (soft button, second from the right with the three lines on phone) then scroll to settings --> basic settings --> headset type --> Jabra EHS
  • Set headset base settings to DHSG and 1 at the bottom of the base
leitner grandstream EHS setup diagram

EHS settings for the GXP2160

This phone can be a little different, so try these steps if the ones above don't work. These steps will need to be performed on the computer with the Grandstream web portal

grandtream phone web portal settings
  • Go to Account -> Call Settings and set the account ringtone to “System Ringtone”
  • Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Audio Control and set the following options:
    • Headset Key Mode = Toggle Headset/Speaker
    • Headset Type = Jabra EHS headset
    • If no Jabra, select Plantronics
    • EHS Headset Ring Tone = Jabra EHS ringtone
  • Save and apply then enable headset mode on the phone
  • then you hit the headset switch on the phone. But when in headset mode it does not also ring the actual phone just the headset, you have to toggle that button again to get it to ring just the desk phone

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