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Check the Compat List Below to make sure your phone is compat!

THE BEST COMPAT FOR THE SEIMENS / TOSHIBA / AASTRA / MITEL HOOKSWITCH IS 1! (found underneath the base on the right hand side)

Here’s how to set it up:


1) To enable/disable DHSG headset mode on the MITEL 6940 phone:

A) Press the “Settings” key to enter the Static Settings menu.

B) Navigate to the Audio > Audio Path > Select “Headset” setting and save.

Note: May need to set it to "Headset/Speaker" in order for it to work

C) Next, Navigate to Audio > Headset > DHSG and use navigation key to change

setting to “Enabled.”

D) Press the “Save” soft key to save your changes.

1) To enable/disable DHSG headset mode on the MITEL 6920 phone:

Note: There may be a plastic retainer piece in the headset jack that is preventing the hookswitch cord from going in. To plug in the EHS, remove that little plastic piece to make room. Click here for more information on this.

A) Press the settings key to enter the settings menu (looks like a gear cog)

B) Navigate to the Audio > Headset settings and press select button or select soft key

C) Press the right navigation key to move to enable/disable selection column

D) Use the up and down navigation keys to choose "Enabled"

E) Press the Save soft key to save your changes.

*May also need to configure Audio Path

1. Settings > Audio > Audio path

2. Use arrow keys to select "Headset" then hit the Save key

Note: May need to set it to "Headset/Speaker" in order for it to work

Note: Mitel phones tend to have different menus than what their manuals show for some reason. So if this isn't successful, we have had success with having your IT department (or phone people) set it to DHSG mode on the back end.

2) Before you start, unplug the power cable from the back of the base and set the RHL/DHSG button on the bottom of the LEITNER wireless headset charging base to DHSG.

3) This EHS is a Y-shaped cable. Start with the single end of the cable. Plug this into the AUX PORT on the telephone.

4) Next look at the Y-end of the cable. Connect the larger RJ45 end to the AUX JACK on the back of the LEITNER wireless headset charging base (this is the largest jack in the center of the base). Connect the smaller RJ9 end of this cable into the TEL JACK on the LEITNER Wireless Headset base. This is the 2nd jack from the right in the back of the base.

5) Then, plug the power cable back in at the back of the base.

That’s it! You’re done!

Here are the telephone models this EHS cable works with!

SIEMENS Openstage 30 Toshiba DKT 2001 Aastra 5370 Standard

SIEMENS Openstage 40 Toshiba DKT 2010 Aastra 5370 IP

SIEMENS Openstage 60 Toshiba DKT 2020 Aastra 5380 Standard

SIEMENS Openstage 80 Toshiba IPT 2008 Aastra 5380 IP

SIEMENS Optipoint 410 STD Toshiba IPT 2010 Aastra 6771

SIEMENS Optipoint 410 ADV Toshiba IPT 2020 Aastra 6773 Standard

SIEMENS Optipoint 420 STD Toshiba DKT 3007 Aastra 6773 IP

SIEMENS Optipoint 420 ADV Toshiba DKT 3010 Aastra 6775 Standard

SIEMENS Optipoint 500 STD Toshiba DKT 3014 Aastra 6775 IP

SIEMENS Optipoint 500 ADV Toshiba DKT 3020 Aastra 7434 IP

SIEMENS Optipoint 500 ECO Toshiba DP 5008 Aastra 7444 IP

SIEMENS Optipoint 600 Toshiba DP 5018

Toshiba DP 5022 MITEL 5380 Reg & IP

Toshiba DP 5032 MITEL 5370 Reg & IP

Toshiba DP 5122 MITEL 5380 IP

MITEL 6920

MITEL 6930

Toshiba DP 5130 MITEL 6735i

Toshiba IP 5022 MITEL 6737i

Toshiba IP 5122 MITEL 6739i

Toshiba IP 5131 MITEL 6753i

Toshiba IP 5132 MITEL 6755i

Toshiba IP 5631 MITEL 6757i

MITEL 6757i CT

MITEL 6771

MITEL 6773 Reg & IP

MITEL 6775 Reg & IP

MITEL 6865i

MITEL 6867i

MITEL 6869i



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