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Leitner EHS36 Reset

Yealink EHS36 adapter for Leitner wireless headsets

If you have noticed your Leitner won't answer your Yealink phone anymore, maybe the EHS36 cable just needs to be reset. We got your instructions for that right here!

Resetting the EHS36

1) Disconnect the power cable

2) Disconnect the TEL jack from the base, 2nd jack from the right

3) Disconnect the AUX jack from the base, this is the largest jack in the middle

4) Disconnect the HEADSET jack from the telephone

5) Remove plug that is in the EXT or EHS port in back of phone

THEN, reverse the process above to plug it back in (go from steps 5 to 1), plugging the power in last. EXT Port --> Headset jack in phone --> Aux jack in headset base --> Leitner connector cord (second from right) --> power

This should work most of the time for Leitner EHS36 reset!

Yealink EHS36 cords for Leitner wireless headsets

The more you know!

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