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Leitner LH200/300 Headset Lights

The headset needs to charge for 4 hours before 1st use.

Leitner Wireless headset base with button and light map

Underneath Battery Icon (left to right):

1 LED Flashing - <20%

1 LED On - 20%-40%

2 LEDs On - 40%-60%

3 LEDs On - 60%-80%

4 LEDs On - 80%-100%

0 = dead! (hint: try an unplugged reset if you’re seeing 0 battery lights. The Leitner may be charging but not sending battery information from headset to base!)

Middle Buttons:

Computer Mode & Phone Mode - OfficeAlly LH270, LH280, LH275

Computer Mode, Bluetooth Mode, & Phone Mode - OfficeAlly LH370, LH375, LH380

On the Right (left to right) :

1st - Power Light (it's plugged into power)

2nd - Programming light (rarely on). Will be BLUE if an LH300 series is paired to a Bluetooth device

3rd - Online Indicator (headset is turned on)

4th - Charging Light (off when battery is at 100%)

Leitner wireless button and map diagram and meanings

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