Leitner Lifter knobs and switches

What does the knob and switches on the Leitner lifter do?

#1 The switch on the top (first picture below) is to adjust the height of the lifter.

This has 3 settings Low, Medium, and High.

  • Low= the switch is furthers from you
  • Middle= the switch is somewhere in the middle
  • High= the switch is closest to you

#2 The knob on the lifter (also kind of pictured on the first picture below) is our ring detection sensitivity. This can be used incase your Customer is hearing phantom chimes (ring detection is going off randomly) or if the Customer can’t seem to get ring detection. If they can’t hear the ring try turning it clock-wise (to the right) to increase ring detection.

#3 Microphone placement “Slidey thing” (2nd picture underneath) can move up or down to be closer to the speaker of the phone depending on where it is located