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Leitner Lifter not Lifting

There could be a few things keeping your lifter from...well...lifting, so let's go through each one!

  • Make sure lifter is connected
  • Make sure we are on RHL (If moving from DHSG to RHL we may need to do a resync)
  • Unplug the lifter from the back of the headset base for 5 seconds, then plug back in
  • Remove the wall mount tab if it’s on the phone
    Remote handset lifter phone wall mount tab
  • Make sure there is no shoulder rest
    Remote handset lifter shoulder rest attachment slug

If none of these are the problem, then try our other methods (unplugged reset, resync, etc...). You can also see if it will lift up without the weight of the handset on it. Still not lifting, it may need to be replaced.

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