So you’ve got a Leitner lifter that isn’t picking up the ring from the telephone, eh?

Here are some things to try:

We want to check basic set up/comapt before starting with steps below.

  1. Start by turning up the ringer volume on the phone (needs to be done where there is not an active call on the phone)
    1. It’s already at max volume? Try it at 50% volume. For some ring tones it works better when it’s not so loud!
    2. If this doesn’t work, try changing the ring tone. Sometimes a different tone (usually something higher pitched) can help with ring detection (use this as a last resort)
  2. Adjust the sensitivity dial on top of the lifter (older lifters will not have this). This increases the sensitivity of the mic in the lifter. Turn clockwise to increase sensitivity
    1. As the phone is ringing, try turning this dial until you hear a chime
  3. If this doesn’t work, try moving the "slidey thingie" (that’s a technical term) in the center of the lifter (see photo below) Test it out at different positions to see which one works best.
  4. Turn up the notification volume on the headset. To do this, make sure headset is turned OFF and click on the “+” button on the headset until beeps are loud enough.
  5. Still not chiming? Try the speakerphone test! Put your headset on, but make sure it is turned OFF. Now make something loud come through the speaker phone like the ringtone or someone voice if you are on that phone.
    1. If we hear a chime, great we know the mic is active
    2. If we don't hear a chime, try to install the EXT mic: This is the tiny stick-on microphone that comes with the lifter. Try to stick it as close to the phone’s speaker as you can without getting in the way of the lifter. This plugs in on the under side of the lifter. The place to plug the external mic is illustrated below step 7.
  6. If all this doesn’t work, try the following:
    1. • Unplug the lifter from the Leitner base.
    2. • Do a Leitner Resync
    3. • Plug the lifter back in
  7. Still not chiming? Replace the lifter

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