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Leitner Lifter Setup

Leitner handset lifter on desk phone

Before setting up the lifter, let's make sure your headset is plugged in correctly to the phone!


1) Unplug curly cord from the back or side of the phone and plug it into the back of the headset base in the far right port (blue)

2) Take phone connector cord that came with the headset and plug one end into the green phone port in back of headset

3) Plug the other end of this cord into the handset port in the side or back of your phone (where the curly cord used to be plugged in)

Now that we are connected correctly, let's move to the lifter setup!

Leitner lifter set up

1) Plug the lifter into the AUX port in the back of the Leitner base (middle port w/silver around it)

2) Remove the backing from the lifter tape on the underside of the lifter. There will be two vertical sticker and one horizontal one

3) Lift the handset (telephone receiver) and stick the lifter on top of the speaker area. The lifter should hang off the left side of the telephone, with the lifter arm over the phone speaker (if speaker of phone is located in a different place on the phone, refer to next set up instructions)

4) Set compat switches on the bottom of the base to 1 & RHL

Note: Lifter may not lift at all if base in DHSG

EXT mic set up: Only needs to be used if phone speaker is not located under handset

1) Plug the 2.5mm pin into the back of the lifter labeled “EXT”

2) Place the mic over the speaker of the phone. It's that simple!

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Kyle Newgent wearing a Leitner office headset

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