Leitner Lifter setup (E-mail ready)

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Below are the instructions on how to set up your handset lifter.

Leitner lifter set up:

1) Plug the lifter into the AUX port in the back of the Leitner base (middle port w/silver around it)

2) Remove the backing from the lifter tape on the underside of the lifter. There will be two vertical sticker and one horizontal one.

3) Lift the handset (telephone receiver) and stick the lifter on top of the speaker area (as shown in Picture 2). The lifter should hang off the left side of the telephone, just like an ORL12.

4) Set compat switches on the bottom of the base to 1 & RHL

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with”


- The lifter does not need a ring tone programmed! It has an internal, automatic ring detector.

- There is an adjustment knob on the back of the lifter that controls the sensitivity of the ring detector. Turning it to the right will increase the sensitivity, and turning it to the left will lower it.

The lifter will automatically pick up ring tone if it is sitting directly over the telephone’s speaker. However, if the telephone is not shaped for that, you will need to use the external mic included with the lifter!

EXT mic set up:

1) Plug the 2.5mm pin into the back of the lifter labeled “EXT”

2) Place the mic over the speaker of the phone