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Leitner Wireless Resync

Leitner Resync


1) Begin with headset turned off and off of the charging base

2) Unplug the handset lifter (if you have one of course)

3) Hold down the Telephone button on the base until the light next to it blinks

4) Hold down the MUTE button on the headset until the light on the headset starts to blink.

5) Place the headset NEXT to the base (not in the base) and wait for Telephone light to go solid

If reset is unsuccessful try an unplugged reset!

NOTE: If the TEL light wont start blinking it is most likely because the headset is turned on.

NOTE #2: If the phone button keeps blinking and never goes solid, check to see if there is a handset lifter. Sometimes the lifter mic will pick up or voice and the phone light will flash thinking a call is coming in. In this case, unplug the lifter while doing the reset, then just plug it back in when done.

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