Leitner unplugged reset

E-mail ready to send instructions (copy/paste). Be sure to insert Customers name.
  • Try this if headsets had 0 battery lights, won’t pair, or won’t turn on.

“Hi (insert Customer’s name),

Below are instructions on how RESET your Leitner unit.

Unplugged Reset:

  1. Remove headset from base
  2. Remove the power cord from Base (USB as well if connected)
  3. Remove battery from the headset for 30 seconds. Click here for video to remove battery for headband style. Click here for over the ear style.
  4. Place battery back in correctly (Arrow going in first, LEITNER facing the buttons, and HEADSETS.COM facing the cushion on the headset)
  5. Plug the power cord back in (USB as well if needed)
  6. Attempt Resync Process Again


  1. Begin with the headset out of the base and turned off
  2. Unplug the handset lifter (if you have one, of course)
  3. Hold down the TEL button on the base until the light next to it blinks
  4. Hold down the MUTE button on the headset until the light on the headset starts to blink.
  5. Place the headset NEXT to the base (not in the base) and wait for TEL light to go solid.