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Leitner Wireless Headset Unplugged Reset (LH200/300 series)

If you can't see any battery lights on your Leitner wireless base or are experiencing some strange glitches, here is a great reset to get you back in the game and on the phones.

Leitner LH270 wireless headset with mic

Unplugged Reset:

  • Remove headset from base
  • Remove the power cord from Base (USB as well if connected)
  • Unplug the handset lifter (if you have one, of course)
  • Remove battery from the headset for 30 seconds. Click here for video to remove battery for headband style. Click here for over-the-ear style
  • Place battery back in correctly (Arrow going in first, LEITNER facing the buttons, and HEADSETS.COM facing the cushion on the headset)
  • Before closing the door, hold the battery in with your finger for about 5 seconds. The light on the headset should flash twice, indicating the battery is in correctly and working. If you see this flash, close the door and watch for the flash again
  • After closing the door, look at the light on the headset and see if it gives you a couple flashes. If not, open the door again and hold it in with your finger for about 5-10 seconds and see if it flashes that way, then close the door again, checking if it flashes again
  • Plug the power cord back in (USB as well if needed)
  • Attempt Resync Process Again


  • Begin with the headset out of the base and turned off
  • Make sure lifter is still unplugged
  • Hold down the TEL button on the base until the light next to it blinks
  • Hold down the MUTE button on the headset until the light on the headset starts to blink
  • Place the headset NEXT to the base (not in the base) and wait for TEL light to go solid
  • Plug the lifter back in (if you have one)

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