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Leitner Wireless - 5 long boops (deep beeps)

Leitner LH270 wireless office headset and base

We have observed a new Leitner wireless beep in the wild, which we have yet to name. It sounds like 5 low beeps, during which you can't turn your headset on or off. What is happening?

As far as we can tell, this occurs when using an EHS cable, and you hang up at the same time as the other person. The good news is that once the beeping stops, everything should work the same way it did before.

Why? Well, when you have an EHS cable, turning on your headset activates the headset button on your phone. This works the other way, too - if you are wearing your headset and you press the headset button on the phone, it will turn on the headset for you. So, when you hang up at the same time as the person on the other line, there are two mechanisms trying to turn the headset off at once, which confuses it temporarily.

But don't worry, it's all gravy!

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Kyle Newgent wearing a Leitner office headset

Kyle Newgent
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