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Leitner Wireless Headsets: UniBase Mode

UniBase mode is an exciting feature for Leitner wireless headsets, but what is it and what does it do?

UniBase is when you put your Leitner wireless headset into 2 modes at once so that you can merge two calls from 2 different devices at once. It sounds fancy, and trust me, it is!

So, if you are talking to someone on your computer while using a softphone app such as RingCentral or Zoom and you want to include your coworker over the phone, you can put your headset into UniBase mode, give them a call, and now you will be having a three-way conversation! If you are using a Bluetooth-enabled Leitner headset, such as the Leitner OfficeAlly LH370, you can include your cell phone buddies too!

Leitner OfficeAlly LH370 wireless headset

How to activate UniBase

LH200 and LH500 series (connects to computer and phone)

  • Start with the headset turned on and with the base in Phone mode
  • While in phone mode, press and hold the Computer Mode button for about 4 seconds
  • Both lights should now light up and you will hear a musical little tone pattern to let you know Unibase was successful. You will be able to hear sounds from the Phone and the Computer
  • comic man pushing two buttons

    LH300 and LH600 series (connects to computer, phone, and Bluetooth)

    • Pick up headset and turn it on (does not matter what mode it is in)
    • Make sure it is in one of the modes you want to use, then press and hold the other mode that is going to be used until it lights up, then let go
    • Both lights will now be lit, and you will get a tone in your headset. Easy as that
    • NOTE: You can only be in 2 modes at a time

    To get out of UNIBASE mode press the button of whichever side you’d like to stay on

    Additional notes

    Powering off the headset will take it out of UniBase mode. To make things easier, it is best to disconnect and lifter or electronic hookswitch you may be using to help keep the headset turned on

    Any and ALL sounds from the computer will be shared, so be aware that with softphones, your callers will also be able to hear any computer alerts or anything else playing a sound while on the conference call!

    It often takes a few seconds for the headset to register when getting out of conference mode. There may be a few seconds of sudden silence when switching out of conference mode.

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