Leitner wireless not charging

Leitner wireless not charging

For this, let’s assume you have already done the unplugged reset to see if the battery lights are hidden.

Make sure it is charging:

1) Check to see if the 4th light comes on when placed on the charger

A) If yes, and unplugged reset didn’t bring back the lights; replace battery

B) If no, move on to step 2

2) Grab another mic that will fit, if available. Put it on the base and check the 4th light

A) If it is on, then the previous microphone is not making the connection, so replace it

B) If it is NOT on, then replace the base, as there is something wrong with those connections.

NOTE: Even a headset without a battery in it will light up the 4th light when on the base, so if there is no light, we know that the connection is not being made